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Lockdown’s back, time for us to get weird again

By our Quarterlife readers


Here are the strangest habits you've shared with us.

We asked you on Instagram last week what were the weirdest habits, rituals, snacks, exercise hacks and flatmate avoidance tactics you developed to get you through the last lockdown. We’ve picked our favourite 15. Hopefully there’s something here for everyone to get us through the next one. Happy hermitness!

  1. Alphabetised my skincare collection, then did the cookbooks. Will probs alphabetise more stuff this lockdown tbh.

  2. My friend and I had a game where we sent each other voice notes of different household sounds and had to guess what they were.

  3. Watched all the Harry Potters back to back in a day when we were really down and ate a shitload of cereal. It helped!

  4. I set up a secret Instagram account where I post pictures of Anne Robinson and none of my friends know it’s me.

  5. Pretended to be listening into calls on my headphones when my housemate was cooking at the same time as me so I didn’t have to talk to him.

  6. Using wine bottles as home workout weights.

  7. Taught myself to do the splits. Good to have goals...

  8. Did phone call roulette where I skipped through my phonebook and called up a different friend every week for a chat, when they were least expecting it.

  9. Ate hot chocolate powder sprinkled on toasted bread. By the kilo

  10. I took up cross-stitching! Can sit and do it while on work calls if you hold your hands low enough.

  11. We cut a whole in our fence and made a bar so we could have drinks with the girls next door.

  12. Dress-up dinners - once a week we’d all eat dinner in fancy dress. Was a lot of effort tbh and towards the end the costumes got pretty abstract.

  13. We found one of our landlord’s old Davina McCall workout video from the 2000s and promised we’d do it every day. Did it once and never again.

  14. I listened to Barry White every morning brushing my teeth. He sets you up so well for the day.

  15. Spent many an hour scrolling back through my friends’ Facebook posts from 2007 in prep for a Zoom quiz, and it made me so happy that whenever I was down I’d just go back on and have a little scroll. We were not great in 2007.

Image by unknown Pinterest artist.


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