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The aim of Quarterlife is to show confused 20-somethings that they are not alone. "The lost year" - that first year after full-time education - can be a disorientating time. Trust us, we know. We aim to inspire, entertain, and empower our readers by sharing all the things education didn't teach us about careers and real life.


We are always on the look-out for new content; so, if you like writing and this sounds like your cup of tea, we want to hear from you. If you have a brand that speaks to this demographic, we're happy to chat about advertising on our site. 


If you're interested in pitching a piece to us, take a look at our 8 Quarterlife content commandments here:​​

  1. We post content that relates back to the quarterlife generation and is relatable to people in that life stage.

  2. We offer insights and point of views from young people that you couldn’t get from any other news outlet.

  3. Our tone of voice is light-hearted, self-aware and funny. We are not looking for academic writing styles. Even if it’s a serious subject.

  4. We want to learn something from reading your piece. It needs takeouts that will help people lead a better quarterlife.

  5. We avoid well-established observations like “Instagram is bad for your mental health”. We offer fresh perspectives that give people the feeling that they are reading this opinion for the first time.

  6. We always give our sources if we are commenting on a studied phenomenon. Cite interesting studies that have evidenced your observations.

  7. We are not a diary / journal. Is this piece largely confessional? If yes, it’s not right for us.

  8. We start broad then get personal. Lead with an opening that draws the reader in with relatable observations before you start to tell them your story.

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