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15 weird, cheap RECIPES TO make it TO PAYDAY; AS CHOSEN BY YOU

By Joy & Emily, Quarterlife founders


We’ve all felt that drop in our stomachs, when we look at our bank balances and realise we’ve got £50 to last us two weeks till payday.


In a recent poll, we asked you what your most outlandish, bizarre, but delicious penny-saving snack and meal recipes were. You did not disappoint. Since then, we have tried them all, and shortlisted our unexpected favourite 15. Here they are:

  1. One can lentils, one can chopped tomatoes, loads of balsamic vinegar, spoonful of greek yogurt.

  2. Rice, egg, salt, pepper, paprika, mushrooms, butter, all fried together. So cheap and so delicious.

  3. Kale sprinkled with salt roasted in the oven. It’s like Chinese crispy seaweed!

  4. Unwashed raw mushrooms with BBQ sauce / sriracha / olive oil in the hole. Sounds gross, right? But it works.

  5. One slide of ham wrapped around a breadstick. Doesn't look pretty. But it's simple and delish.

  6. Tinned heinz spaghetti on toast with cheese and Worcester sauce. Seriously good.

  7. Super noodles with chicken stock and hot sauce.

  8. Fish fingers in toasted buttery bread with ketchup and vinegar. A classic for a reason.

  9. Salt and vinegar on toast.

  10. Sainsbury’s basics vanilla ice cream mashed with golden syrup and Nesquik.

  11. Ramen noodles with butter, soy and a boiled egg.

  12. Rich tea biscuits and sriracha - it tastes like prawn crackers.

  13. Cheap sliced feta on top of sliced apple with a squirt of honey on it.

  14. Chickpeas, tinned tomatoes and curry powder with smash.

  15. Cocoa powder, honey, ice, salt and a blender - chocolate milkshakes for days.

Tempted? Go on, you know you want to try them out.

Image by Joy.

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