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10 things I hate about your Hinge profile  

By Ellie Gibson


Ellie Gibson, dating app extraordinaire and discerning connoisseur of New York singletons, shares with us her 'top ten' of things on Hinge that make her go, "just no, hun".


  1. You're wearing sunglasses in most of your photographs, except the last one when you look completely different

  2. You've only used images of you in a group, so I can't work out who you are.

  3. You've asked me my thoughts on Hawaiian pizza. If that's a make or break for you, then that's a break for me (this has happened more than once).

  4. You've tried to be edgy and not included a single photo of yourself (this has also happened more than once).

  5. Photos with girls and babies – confusing and unnecessary.

  6. Baby photos of you, also unnecessary, everyone was cute when they were a baby.

  7. Every photo is you with your top off in the gym.

  8. You're posing mid-step in every single photo of you – why are you always stepping?

  9. In an obvious ploy to give off “deep” vibes, you’ve included several pictures of you looking wistfully into the distance.

  10. You're wearing a cowboy hat and a jazzy green suit with flowers all over it, and posing against a green screen. Your name is also Doug.

Gif by Anna Salmi

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