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10 step guide to beating beer fear  

By Liv Fischer


When you wake up with the dreaded alcohol-induced anxiety and long to turn back the clock, here are ten ways to choose give yourself a break instead and feel better fast.

  1. No, you didn’t do anything embarrassing. You didn’t piss anyone off, or act like a loser, or make anyone who was there not want to be friends with you anymore.

  2. In fact, you probably acted more fun than they’ve ever seen you, and made people want to be your friend even more.

  3. If you did embarrass yourself last night it’ll make you more relatable.

  4. If it was a work event, be even less worried - the company plied you with all that free alcohol in the first place!

  5. As long as you didn’t try to kiss your boss or punch anyone in the face, you’re definitely not going to get fired the minute you walk in. Oh, and no, everyone isn’t going to turn around and whisper as soon as they see you. You’re not Cady Heron walking into the gymnasium.

  6. You’re ALLOWED to let your hair down and have a good time every once in a while. Be simply happy and content in the knowledge that you had a good time, and that you deserved it.

  7. Everybody, literally every single person, has accidentally had too much to drink before. Multiple times. And will do so again. Multiple times. We’re humans; we’re meant to make mistakes.

  8. You didn’t suddenly gain half a stone. Alcohol makes your body puffy, and skews your perceptions of yourself even further.

  9. You’re going to feel shit for a bit. You might feel sad, you might feel anxious, and you might want to be hard on yourself. DON’T. Instead do the following:

    - drink loads of water

    - take some Ibuprofen

    - have a rehydration sachet

    - have a bubble bath

    - watch some Netflix

    - listen to some Enya

    - treat yourself to a hearty breakfast with eggs or a bacon sandwich. It’ll make everything better.

    And remember, it’s just the chemicals that are making you feel this way - there’s actually no rational reason to.

  10. You will feel fine tomorrow, and then you can look back on last night and be glad it happened. And you’ll be ready to do it all over again next week.


Image by unknown Pinterest artist

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